Reputation Management

Stay in a positive light on the internet and news

Targetted Management

We'll deal with specific people to ensure a positive result

Increase Revenue

People thinking highly of your company shows an increase in sales and trust

Report Analysis

Get detailed reports of what we do and how it impacts your bottom line

We recover and keep your reputation in a positive light

If you get on the bad side of the internet, be it social media or reviews, you can lose tons of revenue. With us we will constantly monitor for negative sentiment and resolve it with each person to turn any negative reviews or outlooks into positive ones!

Satisfied customers
Reviews fixed
Active agents
Tweets fixed

Our Process

Before we begin working with your customers or users, we gather detailed information from you. We essentially become another department and work closely with you to ensure that all of our agents know exactly what they're talking about. This goes from what products are available and when, checkout process, refund process, your terms of service and everything else that can impact a customers view.

This will take several days as we work with you and compile a report for our agents to reference while working with your unsatisfied customers.

Once we know everything about you, we'll get to work monitoring and collecting what people say about you. This is gathered from social media sites, news, press releases and more. We will even pick up on general industry sentiment.

Everything we collect here will be available for you to see on your dashboard along with sentiment analysis to see your average score of how people feel about your company.

While we collect data we will also be recording specific people to contact and turn their review into a positive one. We're quite good at this and is why it's our main selling point! On average we get them to change their mind atleast 80% of the time.

After just 3 weeks you should start seeing an increase in revenue and customer sentiment. If you rely on social media you usually see an increase in positive discussions as well.

Our Services

What Services We Offering

Market Research

We become experts in your industry to ensure we know everything that your customers may have issues with.

Sentiment Analysis

Non-obvious posts/tweets previously required a human to find them and determine if it's positive or negative. We use state of the art Sentiment Analysis to automatically find and categorize ambiguous reviews/posts.

Review Breakdowns

Get a breakdown of reviews across all social media channels, websites, videos and more

Easy to use

After the initial period where we work with you, you don't need to do anything.

Social media

We track reviews and people across all media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Report Analysis

Get a report of what we've found and done every day.